Berryhill Farm, Kilsyth, Lanarkshire

GB3CS - R6 (RV60) 145.750/145.150MHz 1750/103.5Hz (G) Access

IRLP Node 5339 - Not Currently Active.
(IRLP User Guidelines)

After many years on the Black Hill TV mast, this repeater is situated in the Kilsyth Hills about 15 miles NW of Glasgow City Centre. The elevation is about 700feet asl. The repeater operates at 10 watts into a 5dB colinear antenna nearly 60feet above ground. From here the coverage is from Glasgow eastwards to Edinburgh, with improved coverage in Falkirk and Cumbernauld. Southwards, the limit of reasonable coverage is Crawford on the M74. In the south-west it overlaps into the coverage by GB3AY. However, the coverage to the North and the west will be cut off by the line of the Kilpatrick, Campsie and Kilsyth Hills.

Note - This repeater is due to be switched to Narrow Deviation during 2010 - See Technical page for details.

Note 2 - Some time on Tuesday 7th December 2010 CS went Off Air. Subsequent investigation showed that the transmitter PA stage on the Storno had failed. On Sunday 12th December 2010 at 1230 the Storno was replace with the Nokia (Kyodo) based equipment.

In the meantime remember GB3CS is operating Narrow Deviation - Signals with wide deviation may be chopped by the repeater receiver.

If you cannot access with CTCSS try 1750Hz toneburst

Update 14/12/2010 - Some local noise problems eliminated - GB3CS should now be operating as normal.


Crawford, GM8HBY

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