The Central Scotland FM Group

Repeater Abuse

From time to time one or other of the groups repeaters suffers abuse, most commonly in the form of intentional jamming or continual accessing.

The advice given by the RSGB is reproduced below - If you have any information related to abuse of the groups repeaters that you want to pass on to the committee, please drop an e-mail to - information received will be passed to the appropriate authorities.

RSGB Repeater Abuse Information

Regrettably there are individuals who see repeaters as targets for abuse. It is a fact of life that the input of a repeater can be easily blocked, which denies the facility to legitimate users. Such behaviour, along with the use of abusive language and obscenities, is heavily punished if the perpetrator is caught. Ofcom regularly monitor repeater outputs and techniques of transmitter fingerprinting have led to numerous successful prosecutions.

Whilst sometimes it is hard to ignore such behaviour, repeater users are strongly advised not to respond in any way to such abuse. If the culprits get no reply they very often move elsewhere. If users have any information regarding abuse, it should be reported to the repeater management committee at RSGB HQ. (See also note above)

There is regular feedback of intelligence regarding abuse to Ofcom, which is well equipped to take any action necessary. Do not approach suspected offenders in any way, as this may prejudice investigations already in progress

For more information see and

For information from Ofcom see the pages on the Ofcom website.


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